Our solution

We realised that with the support of an adult they can trust, teenage mothers in Sierra Leone could have a healthy pregnancy, a safe birth and thrive as parents

The pilot project – Mentoring in Kuntorloh, Freetown

In 2017 we started 2YoungLives as a pilot in the community at Kuntorloh, training local women to mentor pregnant teens. Since then, 2YoungLives has grown, spreading out across the country. Not one of the 80 teenagers we have mentored has died, and we have lots of good news to share in our 2020 Project Report

The Teen: Kadiatu from Smartwork Films on Vimeo.

What does mentoring involve?

Our mentors are trained to help each pregnant teen:

  • prepare for motherhood
  • deal with day-to-day issues they face
  • access antenatal care
  • find a safe place to live
  • develop small businesses
  • where possible, restore family relationships.

What’s next for 2YoungLives?

We are growing 2YoungLives through social enterprise projects in Sierra Leone such as 2YoungLives Bridal Wear.

We also have lots of supporters who are fundraising to help us train and fund more mentors in more communities.

New partnerships and funding are currently being sought to further develop this project’s reach and impact. Email info@2younglives.org for more information.